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Superior Performance
& Reliability

Shingled technology eliminates traditional ribbon connection with shingles connected in series. By removing the soldered ribbons, the active area of the module is improved and thermal stresses are reduced – resulting in exceptional efficiency and reliability over standard interconnections.

Puma modules are based on the shingled technology which allow a higher cells density than standard half-cut modules.

RECOM received multitude Top Brand PV 2021 Awards

RECOM is the recipient of multitude of Top Brand PV 2021 labels, awarded by EUPD Research Sustainable Management GmbH. In the EUPD Research’s annual 2021 global survey among installers and distributors on brand awareness and customers’ choice, RECOM was recognized as the top brand in France, USA, Vietnam, Hungary and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

RECOM is a leading European PV module manufacturer with long presence and durable footprint in the renewables industry. Since its inception in 2007, RECOM has been the recipient of many global awards and distinctions for its high quality products and services. All RECOM modules are designed and engineered in Europe. Whether they are produced at its own facility in France or elsewhere, all are subject to strict adherence to RECOM’s production traditions, specifications and quality control standards. RECOM modules are sold in more than 95 countries and have up to 30 years product warranty.



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