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Resolar Energy is the Official Representative of the French based company Recom Technologies. Following the acute electricity crises in Lebanon, Resolar Energy was established in 2021 in Lebanon to meet and solve the Electricity crises for individual homes and offices offering Green Energy with exceptional solar panels that deliver cost effective, superior performance and quality resulting in a better long term investment.

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Recom’s facility in France and local R&D team,  invest in, and work with leading global research institutions and manufacturers to innovate, develop, share and commercialize the latest technological advances in solar module manufacturing. Their primary R&D partner in the area of solar panels is a leading French research center, the National Institute for Solar Energy (CEA/INES).

Recom technologies also work with other research centers, universities and manufacturing companies as our portfolio expands. We drive innovation in unique energy production and storage applications. We pioneer in power and energy storage solutions, as it comes to skid mounted panel-inverter solutions for residential applications or to utility scale energy solutions.

Recom Technologies products are designed and engineered in Europe and are always ahead of the curve and to bring consumers the very latest in technology.

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Providing High Performance
Renewable Energy

High Performance, Affordable Pricing

Installing high efficiency modules to generate more power per m2 is vital. Our modules reach +555Wp, ensuring an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Technical Expertise

Recom takea pride in their highly skilled workforce. Our European manufacturing expertise is matched only by our complete technical and customer support.


Beautiful Design

Exceptional aesthetics are our hallmark. Why? Because we believe that functionality and attractive, cutting edge design go hand-in-hand.

Quality Guarantee

All modules are subjected to rigorous quality controls at every phase of production and are inspected and certified by world-class independent institutions such as TÜV and Intertek.


ReSolar Energy

Resolar Energy teamed with the best in the industry to ensure cost-effective, outstanding efficiency and quality.