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+961 71 900 601
  • Location: Newfield, NY 14867, USA (42.389019N,76.580872W)
  • Developer: True Green Capital Management LLC
  • Financing Bank: USBank
  • Financing Date: June 2021
  • System Capacity: 5 MW
  • Product: 380 Wp Mono
  • Number of panels: 13.158
  • Commissioning date: May 2021
Millard Hill – NY – 5 MW

True Green Capital Management LLC (TGC), which is a specialized renewable energy infrastructure private equity firm based in Westport, Connecticut, is one of RECOM’s major collaborators in solar energy in the United States. There are years of close partnership between the two, during which RECOM has supplied PV modules from its French production for TGC’s distributed solar power generation portfolio across fourteen U.S. states.

The most recent supply of PV modules was for their 5MW project at Millard Hill, NY, where 380 Wp mono French made RECOM panels are utilized. The project is constructed (EPC) by CS Energy and financed non-recourse by USBank.